We are delighted to introduce

Eco Africa Papercraft - our hand crafted product line

to the Gift, Tourism and Hospitality sectors of Southern Africa and beyond.

Our stunning product line is perfect for visitors to Africa - be they retail, corporate

gifts or custom designs. In addition to our regular line of products our design

team will work with you to create exclusive concepts for your marketing needs.

Our paper making workshops use RECYCLED MATERIALS to make the

delightful textural African handmade papers from which our products

are crafted to the highest standards. Papers are


We ship out of South Africa and this is our story.

Southern Africa has become a crafting mecca with gift shops in countries as far north as Kenya displaying works from as far away as Mali, right down to beautiful objects d’art from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and beyond. Visitors love African crafts and they purchase with gusto all and everything that catches their eye.

Whether strolling the streets of Cape Town, or browsing the markets of Kenya, Botswana or Zambia, visitors and locals alike may notice that many of the stunning arts and crafts on offer in these markets are being created by artists from Zimbabwe who are living and working outside of their homeland.

There is a reason for this. Most of the exceptionally talented artists who once made their living in Zimbabwe are no longer living there. They have fled the political and economic turmoil embroiling their own country to find work in neighboring lands. Millions of Zimbabweans, mostly men, have been forced to relocate, especially artists and crafters whose primary market had been tourism.

And what of their womenfolk back home who are left taking care their children? Sadly they could not come with them. These men's lives are hard enough, trying to survive often in an often hostile environment due to being illegal in a foreign country and xenophobia due to competition for jobs.

This is the situation I found when I arrived in Zimbabwe to visit the Victoria Falls Falls in the late nineties. Women had few opportunities. I was drawn to the idea of helping to change this situation for some of the women with whom I became acquainted. Like their menfolk many Zimbabwean women have the same inborn talent of being able to work with their hands. Crafting is a way to be empowered - to be creative, to gain self esteem, to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives.

Fulfilling theirs as well as my own creative dreams, became my vision and goal. A more detailed description of this journey, with images, can be seen on our non profit website http://www.ecoafricasv.org


Your participation by carrying these beautiful products in your gift shop, or working with our artisans to produce special gifts to fulfill your marketing needs, will be a WIN - WIN - WIN situation. Your customers / clients will win by finding something evocatively African that is exclusive and beautiful as a memento of their visit. You will win by increasing the profitability of your gift shop(s), or by ordering stunning custom-products to fulfill your marketing strategies. And another African family will win by surviving another day / week / year, against often harsh and difficult odds.

Thank you.

Janice Ashby